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Semi Precious Stones

Colored Gemstones are classified into Precious and Semi-Precious stones. There are hundreds of varieties of Semi-Precious stones.

Agate (in many colors), Amethyst (violet, pink and green), Apetite (blue, green), Aquamarine (sea blue), Aventurine ( Green, black, yellow and blue), Black Star, Beryl (green, blue, pink), Blue topaz, Citrine (golden and brown), Crystal (colorless), Fluoride ( green, blue, brandy and yellow), Garnet (coper color), Iolite (blue), Jasper (chocolate red), Jade (various colors), Kinite (blue), Labrodarite (rainbow shaded gray), Moon stone (white, pink and green), Opal (firing: white, green), Peridot (parrot green) Quartz (pink, green, smoky and lemon), Rhodolite (Violet), Rubilite (red), Spacertite (orrange), Spinal (pink and also multicolor), Tanzenite (blue) Tourmaline (multicolor), Tsavorite (green) are some of the many varieties of Semi-Precious stones.

  Semi-Precious stones are mined in different parts of the world. However, most of them cut, shaped and polished in Jaipur (India). jaipur Jewelers have an expertise in getting most from the rough stones. Artisans of Jaipur are highly skilled however, less expensive. Huge infrastructure, trained and skilled human resources give Jaipur competitive advantage over other manufacturing centers in the world.

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Jaipur caters indegenious and overseas markets. We have wide range of Semi-Precious stones in cut, cabochan, drops, briolletes, beads, carvings, idols and fancy shapes suits to your choice and budget.

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         Aquamarine Cut Oval
           Lemon Quartz Cut Wholesale

Know how of Gem Stones

Opal: Opal requires very special  care because it is a very soft and delicate stone. Never use  ammonia , never use an ultrasonic , and avoid  exposure to heat and strong light  those can dry out  water in opals and destroy it.

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