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We deal in Gems and Jewellery and believe in delivering genuine and quality goods and services. We offer customized solutions to all your requirements in this trade. Our services assure value addition to your business. You can buy various gem and Jewellery products from us. We sell real gemstones all over India through our associate network. We also manufacture and sell Jadau-Kundan-Meena and diamond and color stone jewelery all in Exclusive range,    High range,   Medium range and   Commercial range.(Wholesale and Retail). We buy rough and finished gemstones.

As our head office is situated in Jaipur, we are able to manufacture and buy all kinds of color stones in competitive price. We have well tested and reputed suppliers for procuring required materials that ensures quality supply in timely manner. We have a team of skilled artisans who cut and polish both precious and semi precious stones for us. We also have trained assorters who can assort stones suits to your need. When you buy from us, you can be rest assured that you are buying from a reliable source. We endeavor to supply genuine goods in reasonable price.

We undertake job works too. We can manufacture gemstones for you on commission basis. You can appoint us as your representative to sale or market your goods. You can also use our centrally located office to buy goods from Jaipur. We provide all these services at a nominal cost.

We provide all along supports to our clients for their customized requirements.

Goods you can buy from us:

1. Various kinds of colored gem stones e.g. Ruby, emerald, yellow and blue sapphires, hessonite, chrisoberril cat's eye, tsavorite, tourmaline, garnet, blue topaz etc in different cut (Cut, cabochons,beads, drops, carving, figure etc), quality, shapes (ovals,octagons,pears, marquise, rounds, heart shape, fancy shape etc), and sizes.

2. Kundan-Jadau-Meena ornaments. 3. Diamond and color stone Jewellery.  4. Silver studded Jewelery.

5. Diamonds  6. Figures and carvings in various gemstones.

More Kundan  Jadau Meena

 New year discount 

We sell all these both wholesale and retail and offer cash discounts to our wholesale customers. There is a buy back policy for retail customers. Vew Photo Gallery.                    

Exclusive Range

No public demo. Serious customers may contact us directly for exclusive color stones such as emerald, ruby, tanzanite, rubilite etc. Precious stones in this category costs above $ 2000 and semi-precious above $300 per carat.  Pls contact for exquisite collection of Kundan Meena Jadau and diamond colorstone Jewelry ranging above $10000.

High Range Products

 Kundan Jadau Meena and diamond colorstone jewelry between $ 2000 to 10000 per set, diamonds and color stones above $ 300 and solitaires above $ 1000 per carat are included in this range.

1. Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry: These are enameled gold jewelry studded with flat diamonds and color stones. 
How to evaluate, buy and preserve Kundan,
                               Jadau Ornaments                              

2. Diamond jewelry: Gold jewelry studded with better quality diamonds. We normally use white and cleanish diamonds.

3. Diamond and color stone jewelry: Gold jewelry studded with high quality diamonds and color stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires etc.

4. Diamond solitaires: Diamond single pieces 0.25 carats and above.

5. Diamonds: Setting size diamonds used for jewelry studding. Diamond Market in India  

 6. Cut stones: Emerald, ruby, sapphire,  tanzenite, peridot, turmouline and other expensive color stones in cut quality. Cut stones are in various shapes e.g. emerald cut or octagon, oval, pears, heart shape, marquise etc.

7, Beads: Emerald, ruby, sapphire and other high quality gemstones beads, long beads, drops, briolettes, melons etc. Gem and Jewelry business in Jaipur

8. Navaratna: Nine stones for nine Planets as per Indian astrology.

 9. Birth stones:  Kenneth Parkinson,  F.G. has asserted that gemstones work like magic. Birth stones attributed to the signs of Zodiac and are  prescribed according to the month of your birth. Please follow the list to view your birth stone. We supply all birth stones as per your requirements.


All in wholesale and retail                              


Medium Range Products

 Emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. in cut, cabochon and beads ranging between $20 and $300 are in this range. Similarly we have semi-precious cuts, cabochans, drops  and carvings between $ 5 to 20   in this range. Medium range products also include some Kundan Meena Jadau and Diamond color stone Jewelry below $2000 per set.




 Both in wholesale and retail.

Commercial Range Products

Emerald, ruby, sapphires, coral, hessonite, cat's eye etc in cut, cabochon,beads drops, carvings and figures. All kinds of semi-precious stones such as opal, moonstone, blue topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, aventurine,amethyst, citrine, garnet etc  in cut, cabochan, bead, carvings and figures. Some varieties of figures and carvings and Silver Jewelry. All are in affordable range of  general people.

We also have Kundan Meena Jadau in this range.


                                      Green Onyx Cabachon



In wholesale and retail.

Range starts just from Rs. 50 or $ 1.

Birth Stones

 January Garnets   
  February  Amethyst
 March  Aquamarine
 April  Diamond
 May  Emerald
 June  Alexandrite and  Pearl
  July   Ruby
  August  Peridot
  September  Sapphire
  October Tourmaline and Opal
  November  Topaz   and citrine
  December  Tanzanite and   Turquoise    


We endeavor to provide all kinds of services related to gem and jewelry industry under one roof. Vardhaman Gems is an one point sollution to all you gemmological needs. We offer customize service for selling your goods, procuring specific products for you, repair of jewelry, manufacturing of gemstones etc. Please feel free to suggest any new services.