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Colorful Beads


 MultiColor Beads Necklace with Emerald, Ruby and Sapphires.

                             Carved Jasper ball in the Center.

Multicolor designed beads

 Shaded Spinal beads (left) and Emerald-Ruby-Sapphire beads (right)

About beads and Beaded Necklace

Beads are lovely. You can wear it either stringed or studded. Beads are made of gemstones Precious Stones or Semi Precious Stones and diamonds. It is normally made in sphere shape and called round beads. It is also manufactured as long beads. Both long and round beads are either plane or faceted. Some times beads are carved, normally in melon shape.These beads are then Drilled to capitulate in strings.

Jaipur (India) specializes in cutting and polishing of Precious and Semi precious gemstones or Color Stone beads. Those are mostly handcrafted. Beads are cut in spherical shape in most of the countries but Jaipurites cut it in tire shape. This particular shape looks more beautiful while stringed. It is difficult to cut beads in this shape in machine. Jaipurites can do this because they cut it by hands. What we offer are from Jaipur (Wholesale and Retail).

Jewelers use Beads and Long Beads to decorate Diamond and Color Stone Jewelry. Beads are also used in Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry. Beads and drops are specially used to decorate Necklace, Pendents, Bracelets and Earrings. Occasionally it is used in Rings too.

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